Fastr products

Fastr is an all-purpose data processing engine specialised in solving the challenges encountered during the property life-cycle. fastr digitises every aspect and is both scalable and secure.

fastr pro

fastr pro is the next big application for property professionals; the complete solution to accelerating the entire process from site acquisition through to sales, handover and beyond. Having the right tool for the job is essential. Fastr employs big data and machine-learning to streamline the complex and lengthy process.

fastr land

Identifies and unlocks viable land at a fraction of the time and costs. By utilising GIS mapping and a vast array of property and demographic data. Fastr’s unique proprietary algorithms locates developable residential housing sites.

fastr future

The Fastr team are constantly searching for innovative technological solutions to the global housing crisis built around our core product engine. We have highlighted three of the key product that we intend to release in the medium term, but it’s not limited to these and every day the brand and products evolve.

Utilising the latest technology

Phrases like ‘machine learning’ and ‘augmented reality’ may sound like concepts restricted to newspaper articles, but we’re already using them and they play a big part in our future plans.

Big Data

Our data integration is powered with API information from Land Registry, Companies House, Office of National Statistics and many more.

AI & Machine Learning

fastr employs machine-learning to streamline complex and lengthy processes and gain valuable insights generated by unique predictive algorithms.

GIS Mapping

Harnessing Esri ArcGIS, the world’s most powerful mapping and analytics software.

Augmented Reality

Utilising augmented reality to create 3D site models and internal environments that can be experienced by anyone through any device.

Virtual Reality

Using virtual reality to create 360° CGI environments to experience the magical feeling of presences within your development.

Utilising CAD & BIM Software


Fastr’s USP

In order to deliver an equivalent offering to the Fastr 360° portal you’d need to combine a number of our competitors USP’s to come close to what Fastr has to offer.

Construction ERP

Leading ERP’s solutions are limited in their offering of the following key functions and in their collaboration with external stakeholders

Mapping & Site ID

None of the current providers automates the site identification and design process

Valuation, Appraisal & Anayltics

Zoopla purchased Hometrack for £120 million in January 2017. American based House Canary raised $33 million in March 2017


None of the current providers integrate as early in the process as Fastr, resulting in reduced duplication and enhanced productivity


Fastr enables its clients to combine multiple marketing channels to reach their target market