The problem

There is a worldwide shortage of homes

There’s a need for a technology solution to solve these issues:

  • Low productivity & poor efficiency
  • High cost of entry to the housing market
  • A shortage of over 1 million homes
  • A chronic decline in house building
  • Low uptake and use of technology
  • A fragmented industry.


Households globally will be effected


People will live in substandard housing or be financially stretched due to housing costs


Global annual value for addressing the gap in the market

Study released by McKinsey Global Institute


The solution

To increase the supply of housing

Fastr is automating the entire process by using disruptive tech:

  • Identifying and unlocking viable land
  • Improving financing by reducing risks
  • Connecting the whole supply chain
  • Accelerating every process
  • Making housing construction more efficient and cheaper.


current new home completions per annum


of residential house funding to d-risk


dwellings that present an opportunity to redevelop


UK market place
(this could double)
Demand is high for Prop-tech solutions

Source data from Land Registry, ONS and HBF


The UK should be building 300k new homes a year

The UK represents the following opportunity for Fastr:

  • 3,000 SME house builders
  • 16,000 self built units per annum
  • 40,000 suppliers of goods and services
  • £10 billion of residential house funding to d-risk
  • 15 million dwellings that present an opportunity to redevelop
  • £100 billion UK market place.

3 reasons to invest

Product Moat

fastr utilises a vast array of data and technology giving us a competitive advantage in delivering a number of unique products.

Wide Economic Moat

fastr has a sustainable competitive advantage that will make it difficult for rivals to wear down its prospective market share and profits.

Network Effects

The fastr platform user base impacts the value of the platform itself; in essence, the more people who are engaged with the platform, the more useful and valuable it will become. Once critical mass is attained, its user network will begin to grow itself, intrinsically making the product more and more valuable.